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The Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center selects Magnum Q.R. for ISO 17025 Training.
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Magnum Q.R.  marks a nine year relationship with Magna Chek Inc.
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Orion Test Systems & Automation maintains ISO 9001:2008 accreditation with help from Magnum Q.R.
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Automotive Testing Expo
North America
Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi, MI




Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the certification process take? 
Generally this process takes about six months depending on how well developed you quality systems are.  Auditors and registrars usually want to see six months worth of hard objective evidence showing that your quality system or laboratory accreditation program is working. Auditors are never satisfied with documented statements proclaiming what you are going to do, they want evidence of what you have done.

Do we want ISO 9001 or ISO 17025?
My first question is “What do your customers want”? What are they asking for? ISO 9001 applies to production style quality requirements. ISO 17025 applies to laboratory proficiency.
High volume magnetic particle testing labs and high volume eddy current testing lines are often governed by ISO 9001 standards where the customer is interested in a quality system that provides on-time error free test results for large production batches of parts and materials.
Laboratory customers want a high level of testing proficiency combined with complete, accurate and detailed certification. Laboratory customers need to show their customers that tests were carried out in accordance with specific standards and every detail of the tests can be traced back to NIST standards.

If we do more than one type of test or calibration, can we apply ISO 17025 accreditation to just one type test or calibration at a time? 
Yes. ISO 17025 accreditation certificates are a multi-page affair with the second and subsequent pages listing the areas that are accredited. Calibration labs have ISO 17025 certificates that run up to fifty pages listing every process they are certified for.

What does the auditor look for when certifying a calibration or test method?
Auditors start by comparing your process and procedures against the standard you are working with. Example would be an ASTM standard. How well do you comply with what’s required in the standard. Next, the auditor wants to see your calibration records and see if they are current and if they are traceable to NIST standards. They also want to see training records for your employees and maintenance records for you equipment. ISO 17025 also includes proficiency testing for your employees and Measurement Uncertainty calculations for your processes.

Why do some companies have both ISO 9001 (AS9001 & TS 16949) certificates and ISO 17025 accreditation?
Many very large companies carry multiple certifications. Some ISO standards require companies to use only ISO 17025 accredited labs, even if they are inside company labs.

Is A2LA certification and ISO 17025 accreditation the same thing?
Basically yes. A2LA existed before ISO 17025 and when the standard was written, it adopted all of the requirements of A2LA. Today, they are inter-changeable and you as the customer can chose one or the other.